DA BANG New hair mesh 2


Long wavy hair FERGIE

AngelD – Diva Hair

New Sims 3 Hair Mesh

Sims 3 Hair Mesh

a new beautiful Sims 3 Hair mesh 🙂 hope you like

Adjustable Female Breast sliders

This upload adds custom CAS sliders that basically adjust the bones of the skeletons. This allows us to change properties of the Sim that where previously unchangable, and achieve a more realistic Sims game.

The following sliders are included:
– Breast Depth
– Breast Distance (Cleavage)
– Breast Fullness
– Breast Scale
– Breast Vertical Height

These sliders work for Teens to Elders, Females only. They do appear for Males but this is for genetics (passing down the gene).

Postuguês – Ajusta o tamanho dos seios das suas Sims

Lady Gaga Sims 2 Skin

Lady Gaga Sims 2 Download

Lady Gaga Sims 2 Download

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